Make profit daily with ANY business online

Make profit daily with ANY business online

We want to give small business an online launch platform

what we do?

Are you a small business owner who wants to make a splash in the online world? One way to do this is by setting up an ecommerce website.

Think of your ecommerce website as a virtual storefront – it allows you to reach a wider audience and expand beyond the constraints of your physical location. Plus, it can help increase brand awareness and sales, and provide an additional channel for customer service and support.

But don’t worry, setting up an ecommerce website isn’t as daunting as it sounds. With the right tools and technology, it’s easy to manage inventory, process orders and payments, and offer various shipping and payment options. Plus, it can help streamline your business operations and provide a convenient shopping experience for your customers.

And let’s be real, having an ecommerce website can also make your small business look more professional and credible. It shows that you’re not afraid to invest in the tools and technology necessary to succeed in today’s digital marketplace.

So if you want to give your small business a boost and make a splash in the online world, consider contacting us at Flagship Business Systems.

For just $500TTD per year we design your businesses’ website from the ground up. This includes hosting, domain name registration, and payment gateway integration services to help get your online store up and running.  Don’t miss out on the opportunities and benefits that an ecommerce website can provide – contact Flagship Business Systems today! (And yes, that was a pun about making a splash. You’re welcome.)

That’s about $1.39 TTD per day to start accepting payments online.

What do we guarantee?

We promise that our services will help increase the visibility of your business and improve the online payment experience for your customers.


Pick a domain name

Our’s is Yours could be anything. Like or pick one you like and we’ll make the rest of it happen.


Prepare your products

Gather images of your products, food menu or examples of your work. These images are great ways to get people engaged with your business


Get ready for LINX, credit card and Debit cards

Our payment processor of choice is WiPay y. Sign up to activate online payments. Signing up is free.



We develop your fully functional, professional website and send to you for revision


Ready to accept payments online

Your website is ready to be shared proudly on social media. That’s it. You own it all and can make any changes you like. We’ll make sure the back end is healthy and running smoothly. Have fun!

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